Thank You to All for the interest & support as we continue to realize the Mandala Café vision.


The Mandala Café / Mandala Kitchens welcomes the support of Corporations and Community Foundations with the common goal of helping to provide Training & Employment that support our underserved Community members. As a community-based Non-profit Program, we wish to partner with similar organizations.

Program Sponsor

Ideally, our Training is free for the Trainees. The cost is approximately $1000 ($100 per week) for each Trainee in the 10-week Culinary Training. Contributing towards a week or the whole course will make it possible for individuals to participate in the Training.

Product/Services Donation

Donate products or services to support our programs and/or the daily operations of The Mandala Café/Mandala Kitchens.

Mandala Café, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization; Donors giving more than $250 in a single contribution will receive a written acknowledgment from us to claim that deduction on their individual income tax return.

(n.b. We are trying a different option for donating: rather than go through a crowdsourcing site like kickstarter or GoFundMe, all of which have fees plus use PayPal already (with the associated fees), we are using our own direct link to PayPal)

To make a donation, of any amount, to support The Mandala Café, one may mail a check to:

Mandala Café
47 Ft. Washington Avenue
Suite 32
New York, NY 10032

or please click on the buttons below: