At present, there is not a physical bricks & mortar Café; that is the ultimate goal of the larger project.

The Mandala Café will be a pay-what-you-will Café, dedicated to providing food and fellowship — a place at the table for all folks, neighbors coming together to break bread and boundaries — sharing food, space and conversation.

Although its primary focus will be on displaced and at-risk persons, the Café will be open to all.

Rather than following the traditional “soup kitchen” model, the café will offer sit-down table service.

In order to provide dignity and connection for the guests, it will also foster interaction between people of diverse backgrounds (young students mixing with elders, the dispossessed mingling with neighborhood professionals).

The ultimate goal is for Mandala Café to have its own space for a full restaurant.

How it will work:

  • People pay the suggested donation for a three-course meal
  • People may work at the café for one-half hour to earn credit for one meal.
    Tasks include: cleaning, serving, kitchen prep, and gardening. It is possible to bank hours for future meals. One can also earn meal credits by volunteering at affiliated non-profit organizations and social service agencies.
  • Guests may purchase meal tickets for themselves or others.

The space will function as a Community Gathering Space — there will be meetings, Music, Art, Dance, Performance, Fellowship & Fun.