The Mandala Café is a Non-Profit Business,
committed to providing access, dignity and mutuality around issues of food & employment.

We are now developing the Culinary Training; currently, we are registering trainees.
We begin the 1st Training in ONE WEEK on 30 September!

We have hired two Chefs; one to co-lead the Training
& one to co-create the Catering plus Home Chef Classes

As of March, 2016, we have begun to Cater events.
For Catering Info, Click Here

Beginning in May, 2016, the Café began to co-sponsor a weekly free meal for anyone who needs one, served each Wednesday on W. 116th Street in Central Harlem (with the Manhattan Satya Sai Baba Community).
Mandala Kitchens coördinates cooking the food for feeding 50-120 people each week.

In the future, there will be a pay-what-you-will Café;
A place where all our neighbors in our Community can come together to break bread & boundaries —
Sharing food, space & conversation

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(Mandala Café, In. is Incorporated in the State of New York
and Tax Exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code)